Reclaimed Timber

Reclaimed Timber from Salvage Operations

  • Historic Lumber

  • Reclaimed Hardwood Beams and Mantels

  • Reclaimed Bearers and Joists

  • Reclaimed Timber Planks

  • Reclaimed Structural Hardwoods

The reclaimed timber salvaged and repurposed to produce beautiful Earthwood floors was traditionally demolished by excavators and sent to land fill.  Why? Simply, because this was the fastest and easiest way to do a demolition.

The founders of Earthwood Floors saw a better use of this historic lumber, so we hand remove select timber treasures from the roof trusses, bearers and joists of building structures being demolished across Australia.

Reclaimed, Re-milled, Repurposed

The reclaimed timber is then loaded on a truck and returned to our salvage centre where it is graded, has any nails removed and is cut to size.

The reclaimed hardwood is then re milled, eventually becoming repurposed as engineered timber flooring made from 100% recycled wood. That's not only sustainable, it's responsible too!

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