Recycled Timber

100% Recycled Timber

Recycled Australian Hardwood

Earthwood Flooring is a product made from 100% recycled Australian hardwood and provides our customers with a unique opportunity to install in their home a wooden floor like no other. These hardwoods can appear visually enhanced.  They often present unique characteristics such as a rich depth and boldness in the grain structures, created only from its past life.

Our customers experience a sense of satisfaction as not a tree was felled to create their new floor, along with the feeling they are creating a solution for easing the burden on landfill.

recycled timber

Salvaged, Reclaimed, Recycled Hardwood

The hardwood from the demolition of houses, warehouses and buildings, and also wharves, bridges and piers is traditionally dumped into landfill sites where it lies in an ever increasing pile. It is illegal to burn or bury and these piles will continue to grow and grow as it keeps being added to.

The Burden on Landfill Sites

Our new Earthwood customers will be helping us tackle this issue head on and create solutions to ease the burden on landfill sites Australia wide. Earthwood reclaimed lumber is sourced from the building sites to ensure they never make it to those expanding piles.

Extended, Controlled Seasoning Process

The reclaimed Australian hardwoods used by Earthwood Floors are generally harder than new unseasoned or green timbers. This is due to the seasoning process our wood experiences in the structures they formed throughout their previous lives. For example the lumber up in a warehouses roof frame would be a controlled environment for decades, which can actually increase the density of the material. This extra density allows us to manufacture a more durable and superior plank or floorboard for our customers.


Reclaimed Timber