Engineered Timber Flooring versus Solid Tongue and Groove

Over time and many years of hard traffic you may think your timber floor needs a makeover. A rejuvenated floor returned to its former glory is only a sanding away. Once sanded and recoated the floor will look amazing for another 10 or 20 years.

Sandable Wear Surface

How many times can I sand my solid timber floors?

Regardless if your floor is solid or engineered, the amount of surface that can be sanded is limited by the tongue component of the  tongue and groove (T&G) floorboard interlock mechanism. The amount of surface that can be resanded will be dependant on the amount of wear surface remaining above the point where the nail is located. Think of the wear surface on the floorboard the same as tread on the tyres of your scooter.

Sandable wear surface

Cross section to explain Sandable wear surface in T&G flooring concept


Efficient use of Reclaimed Australian Hardwood Timbers

A single piece of high grade recycled timber would only yield a single solid plank or floorboard. The same piece of timber yields many wear layers of Earthwood engineered Australian hardwood floor boards.

Engineered Versus Solid. Floorboard yield compared

  • Eco Friendly Flooring, World’s most sustainable for the world’s most responsible.

  • Created from structural timbers reclaimed during salvage operations.

  • Zero trees felled for the production of  Earthwood engineered timber flooring.

  • Earthwood Floors produce Five (5) Engineered floorboards for every 1 solid floorboard sold and installed by our competitors.

  • Iconic Species of Australian Hardwood