Earthwood Floors, is Engineered Timber Flooring made from 100% Recycled, Australian Hardwood.

Real Wood Flooring, Reclaimed, Recycled, Remilled!

Real Wood Flooring, Reclaimed, Recycled Remilled

Earthwood's range of reclaimed Australian hardwoods are sourced from as far south as Tasmania, right up through New South Wales to Queensland, providing us with arguably the best hardwoods in the world to re-purpose as exceptional timber flooring.
Buildings scheduled for demolition are painstakingly gone over to salvage the best materials. The raw materials are retrieved from deconstructed bridges, wharves, buildings and houses that would typically be destined for landfill.
This historic timber is graded, inspected for metals, and then manufactured to an international standard which has been recognised globally for decades.
Due to the timbers previous life in other structures, many years of seasoning has occurred which ensures a stability unmatched by new timber products. Due to this extensive seasoning, Earthwood Floors' products possess greater density levels, making them the perfect flooring option.
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Engineered Hardwood Flooring for Architectural Project Perfection

A strictly controlled moisture content is maintained and guaranteed for the entire range of Earthwood Floors.

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Real Wood Flooring Recycled from Reclaimed and Remilled Australian Hardwoods

Barns and buildings scheduled for demolitions are Timber Salvage Sites

Buildings scheduled for demolition are painstakingly gone over to salvage the best materials

We have a tonne of old timber beams.

Reclaimed timbers are incredibly well seasoned
More character and patina
Standard, Wide and Ultra wide floorboard sizes
100% Recycled, Sustainable
100% Australian Hardwood

100% Planet Good

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We can deliver earthwood floors to all locations in Australia. All prices quoted on this site are exclusive of delivery charges.

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